We have had an amazing 2021, nailing all our milestones, Check out all the exciting MILESTONES AHEAD for 2022!

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'...Metaverse MMO RPG Game being developed by our veteran Game Studio that's worked on major titles alongside EA and Ubisoft!...'

'...$10,000,000 USD in volume within the first 24 hours of listing ON PANCAKE SWAP...'

Q1 2022

  • $RIPH Listing on PancakeSwap

  • New 'Community Manager'

  • $1,000 Discord giveaway - Website upgrade

  • PlaceWar Partnership (2nd Partner)

  • Whitelist (Early Access) opens

  • 3rd Partnership Announcement

  • Crypto Music Video - RIPH Staking

  • Purebred Harambian NFT mint 

  • Ambassador Program begins 

  • 4th Partnership Announcement 

  • Team expansion​

Q2 2022

  • Game Studio Partner revealed

  • Donation of $10,000 to a gorilla conservation fund

  • 'Harambe Space Club' game Pre-Production begins

  • Early Game Art Design reveal

  • Team Expansion

  • Partnerships pursued (Sports Brands, Exchanges, NFT Collections)

  • Interviews with major crypto channels and influencers 3D Harambian reveal

  • Major CEX Listing


'...25,000 Unique Harambian NFTs (listing on Immutable X - zero gas fees)...'

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'...'Harambian' NFTs that will serve as “online identities” or “skins” IN AN  interoperable MARKETPLACE...'

Q3 2022

  • Cyborg Harambian NFT minting

  • Further Game Updates

  • In-Game Billboard & Advertising NFT space sale

Q4 2022

  • Alien Harambian NFT mint

  • Harambian NFT

  • accessories launch

  • Inventory/Character Customization Application

  • Team expansion

  • Interviews with major crypto channels and influencers

  • Further Centralised Exchange listings

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' ... Harambe Protocol's primary focus over the coming years is their exciting take on the MMO RPG genre...'

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Q1 2023

  • Early Alpha Gameplay reveal 

  • 1st Game Trailer

'...blockchain based gaming, creating an ecosystem of gaming ventures powered through $RIPH...'

Q2 2023

  • Major team expansion

  • Major marketing campaign ahead of Alpha launch 

  • Game Launch (Alpha Version)

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