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Discovering the RIPH Metaverse!

We're building an incredible MMO (massive multiplayer online) game set within a Meta-City in deep space. 10,000 Harambians awaken with no memory of the past, they must rebuild their society that once was.

A game of order and chaos, co-operation and deceit.

Bull Fur . Mav Hair . Blue Eyes . RIPH Mask . Neutral Mouth.png

Play as your own NFT Avatars

Missed the Harambian drop and can't get access to one in the secondary market? Don't worry! You will be able to play as various different avatars from different NFT projects.

Enabling the ability to open our Meta-City up to an array of communities is important to us.


Free to Play & Play to Earn!

To earn your in-game NFT & RIPH rewards and participate within the in-game economy you will need to first stake your RIPH within the in-game RIPH bank!

Don't have RIPH or can't afford to buy it? That's okay! Harambe Space Club will be free to play! RIPH is only required to tap into the blockchain rewards.

RIPH 3x Coins.png

A Self-Perpetuating Ecosystem!

40% of all in-game P2P transaction fees go straight back into the community staking rewards pool!

Your staking reward percentage is purely dependent on your in-game statistics, including Social Status, Karma Points, Resources and most importantly - the success of your district in comparison to the rest!

revenueflow 2021.png
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"We're focused on building a game that puts just as much of an emphasis on decision making, chance and reputation/relationships as it does on pure mechanical skill.

Much like the real world.

This will ensure we cater to all play styles. Allowing for competitive PvP in addition to a more creative RPG style of gameplay.

This allows for many different pathways to get to the top of your district."

Jai Turnor

Founder & CEO

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